Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Top 13 Songs of 2012

It's been a great year for music and has been very difficult to condense into a list of just 13 songs. Sorry Kelly Clarkson, you just didn't make the cut. 

13) M.I.A - Bad Girls
It may not have been huge- but 'Bad Girls' is a far superior song to the mega-hit, 'Paper Planes' in my eyes. Fierce Bitch.

12) First Aid Kit - Emmylou
These two cannot go a foot wrong - their second album is equally as strong as their last. I'm incredibly jealous of their talent.

11) Dirty Projectors - Dance For You
I'm not sure if this was released as a single, but this was a stand out from the album for me.

10) Lana Del Rey - Ride
Say what you like about Lana, her sometimes annoying persona, her overlong music videos or her questionable live performances - this song is still beautifully produced, written and sung.

09) HAIM - Don't Save Me
This is the female Hanson we've been waiting for since 1996. I'm feeling 2013 will be a big one for these three Californian ladies. 

08) Bat For Lashes - Laura
Another spellbinding record from Natasha Khan. Chills. 

07) The 1975 - Sex
This is a strong indie-rock (or pop?) record from Manchester newcomers - The 1975. 'Sexis catchy, fun and will get you on your feet, yet it still has a haunting aftertaste. 

06) Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (2012 A Deal With God Remix) 
Though technically not  a song from this year, the remastered version of this 80s classic was one of 2012's most pleasant surprises. 

05) Miike Snow - Paddling Out
The second album from this Swedish Trio did not, admittedly, grab me as much as their first album. However, 'Paddling Out' is one of a handful of songs off the record that many artists would be lucky to boast.

04) Angel Haze - Werkin Girls
Move over Azealia. Sorry Nicki. This song might not be to everyone's tastes but I think Angel Haze is one of the most talented and real female rappers (or just rappers) we've ever seen.

03) Girls Aloud - Something New
I know it might be a difficult fact for many people to swallow - but Xenomania (The geniuses behind Girls Aloud) have made some of pop's most brilliant songs over the past the ten years. And 'Something New' is no exception - it is perfect celebration of everything great about pop. Once it grows on you, it never leaves you.

02) Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarrassing
I don't know if this even charted in the top 200 in the UK. Either way, you only have to listen to this timeless and powerful song once, to know that it should have been number 1.

01) Marina and The Diamonds - Power and Control 
Though some of the magic was cut from the shorter, radio version of this song, it remains one of the strongest pieces of music Marina has offered us. An underrated pop masterpiece.

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