Sunday, 29 May 2011

Glee Season 2 - In Retrospect

I resisted joining the masses in becoming a fan of Ryan Murphy's phenomenon for some while. However, somewhere between the Madonna and Gaga episodes of season one, I realised that I was apparently not impervious to the show's charm.

I may now be a self proclaimed "Gleek", as they say, but I still have a complicated relationship with the show: Glee is a show that I love, hate, laugh at, cry at, am forever frustrated with, skip the dull songs of, moan about, watch on repeat, am bored by, am passionate about, cringe at....

So let's get the negative out of the way first.

The Glee club itself is far too incestuous! Surely there is somebody in McKinley High OUTSIDE the 15 members of Glee club to play with? It seems to be one big game of musical-lips. Sam in one season has dated Quinn, Mercedes and Santana, who has now has ploughed her way through Puck, Fin, Sam and Brittany. And let's not even open Puck's little black book. It is ridiculous! They may all be 57 in real life, but they are suppose to be playing 16 year olds! Surely this is not the best of examples to be setting on the impressionable youth of today.

The popular teen comedy has never been at its strongest when it comes to plot line. The show runs on well written comedy infectious characterisation, decent sentiments and the music. Which brings me to, of course, the core of the show.

Glee's music is always going to be hit and miss, and I do not think there is any way the creators can avoid this. As long as they continue on with the odd hit, they are doing their job...Still, in my personal opinion there are ways for the creators to avoid the misses and pull in more hits. Here a list of the worst breeds of Glee-song.

1) Ballads by Rachel. - I'm sure they held some sort of emotional power over an audience in season 1, but sadly they happen far too often and have become increasingly repetitive and dull. This is where I usually skip to the next scene...

2) Copycats. - I know 98% of Glee's discography is made up of cover-versions but it is when they get really lazy that I feel like tuning out. When the show covers songs still floating around in the top 40, like 'Firework,' or 'Tik & Tok,' with no sense of unique identity, it often just feels like karaoke. They just sound the same. It's not difficult to make it creative - just get a member opposite sex to sing it. Rebecca Black, anybody?

3) Irrelevant songs that nobody knows. - Every fan can surely relate to this category.

With the underwhelming songs aside, there have been a number of enjoyable numbers this season. Here are my five favourite performances of season 2:

1) Quinn/Rachel - I Feel Pretty/Unpretty.

2) Glee Club - Marry You

3) Blaine - Teenage Dream

4) Holly Holiday, Santana & Brittany - Landslide

5) Artie - Stronger

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